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My name is Dave H. Fine and I am a software engineer from Baltimore, MD. I pride myself on writing reliable and beautiful code. I love to create, build and learn. My other passion is photography. I use my camera to capture the world around me as I explore it in fascination. Photography allows me to combine my technical mind with my love for art.


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    We The Builders
    hackathon project

    At the Walters Art Museum's annual Art Bytes hackathon, our team set out to recreate a full scale replica of a well-known piece of Baltimore art: Giuseppe Ceracchi's "Bust of George Washington". With the help of the Direct Dimensions, we were able to take an impressive micron-resolution 3D scan of the statue. Printing the full scale 3D statue would have required professional equipment, and a lot of time and money. So instead, we crowdsourced the effort. Hobbyests around the world own desktop printers that can print small scale objects. Using 3D modeling software, we sliced the full scale model into 110 unique blocks that home printers would be able to print at home. We created a website that allowed contributors to join our project, download a piece of the model, print it at home, and mail it back to us for re-assembly. The website was live and functional by the end of the hackathon, and a few weeks later our 3D printed replica of George Washington was complete and on display at the 2014 3D Print Show in NYC. By distributing and crowdsourcing the effort, the maker community was able to build something special together.

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    365 Photo Project

    Photography is a huge passion of mine. To grow as a photographer, I challenged myself to take at least one photo a day for an entire year. No themes or bounds. Just find something interesting in my daily life, and capture it. I completed the project using my smartphone and sharing the photos on Instagram. I finished the project in April, 2013.

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    Smart Vents
    hackathon project

    At a local hackathon hosted by Betamore, we were challenged to "power the future". Our idea was create a cheap and wirelessly controllerable air vent, or "smart vent". If a homeowner replaced all of the air vents in their home with smart vents, he or she could have much more grainular control over the air flow in each room of their home. For example, the system could be programmed to close off vents to certain rooms of the house when not needed, such as the kitchen in the middle of the night. This would allow for better temperature control throughout the house and better energy efficency. We were able to build a proof-of-concept for our idea during the hackathon weekend. We attached a cheap servo motor to a standard home vent that could open and close the vent. We then used an arduino microcontroller to control the motor and accept commands from a PC acting as a server. A mobile app was created that could ask the user what target temperature they would like. The mobile app would communicate with the server over wifi, and the server would determine if the vent should be open or closed based on current temperature conditions. Our project won 1st place in the hackathon. My primary role was developing the android app for the end user.

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    short film

    A group of friends and I entered a online short film contest. Part of the contest involved using an unfinished script. We were challenged to finish the given script and create a unique story out of it. We wrote the remainder of the story and a screenplay, and then shot the film with a Nikon D7000, and a Canon t4i. The entire film was shot and edited in a week. My primary role was cinematography. This was our first film production together.

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    Sin City Sweets

    Sin City Sweets is a family owned small business in Las Vegas, NV who makes delicious chocolate covered nuts and fruits. I designed and deployed their e-commerice website so they could accept online orders. The website is powered by the open source Magento platform. The site's theme was designed and created by me.

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